Monday, October 17, 2011

Meals 10/18

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I hate to be so late posting this weeks meals but I just got back from New York on Saturday and yesterday was my birthday. Back to reality!

Tuesday:                                                                                      Thursday:
Beef stew with sweet potatoes, spinach & side of rice                Asian salmon with carrot & snap pea soba noodles

Rice pudding with cinnamon & raisins - $8

This is my fifth week running and I REALLY enjoy cooking for all of you. I'd like to adjust our pan usage, can I pick up a pan from each house or organize a way to rotate pans? Ideas?

Thank you,


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  2. the days will do a beef stew and 1/2 salmon if someone wants to split with me! and one rice pudding

  3. maggios will do a beef stew and the other 1/2 of the Day's salmon...rice pudding too.

  4. So sorry Katie that this week is not working out...! Ugh. Will join back in next week:)